All classes meet in  Santa Cruz, CA



Fridays: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Saturdays: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Sundays: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm




This course has been postponed to a new start date in the Fall 2018.  Please check back for new dates.  


The Divine Light Yoga Teacher Training program is based in the traditional, classical form of the Eight Limbed Path. The course is based on a richly integrated curriculum which provides for a personally transformative experience where you can understand, assimilate and develop a strong platform from which to teach. A personal spiritual practice or Sadhana, becomes the basis from which you teach, and in your own practice and growth, you develop your authentic voice as a teacher.  We teach from a seat of humility, wisdom and experience of what has changed our lives and base these teachings on the proven and sacred yogic texts and upon what the great masters have shared throughout history. You gain the knowledge of the key elements critical for effective teaching from these course components:

  • Roots of Yoga
  • The Classical Asanas
  • Yogic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Subtle Body/Energy Anatomy
  • Meditation, Mantra and Mudra
  • The Seat of the Teacher
  • The Business of Yoga



The Teacher Training program is a 200-hour registered Yoga Alliance program. Each classroom hour counts towards the required time and must be fulfilled. In addition, outside study, practice, assisting and observation times will be required as well as meeting a personal Sadhana commitment. All reading, written assignments and class participation is part of meeting the requirements. Any missed hours will be scheduled for makeup, and may require additional work and/or fees. An important part of your participation and successful completion of the program is the continuation and deepening of your personal daily yoga practice. As a student you will be strongly encouraged to participate as often as possible in classes are not included in the cost of the training, but are an integral part of your personal skill and knowledge base.



  • Attendance at all classroom hours.
  • Completion of two 40 day meditations with summary paper written.
  • Assist in 6 classes outside of our Teacher Training times.
  • Complete all outside reading and demonstrate proficiency of information with passing score on final exam or monthly quizzes.
  • Observe 8 classes outside of Teacher Training times, 4 with lead teachers, 4 with pre approved YA registered teachers, pertaining to your teaching style.
  • Participate in 20 yoga classes outside of Teacher Training times, 10 with lead teachers, 10 with pre approved YA registered teachers. These classes may not be included in your Teacher Training registration fee and will be at your expense.
  • Teach 2 classes within our Teacher Training hours created by yourself plus various other short sequences.
  • Providing you meet the above requirements, Divine Light Yoga will certify you as meeting the Yoga Alliance requirements and it is up to you to then submit your paperwork to Yoga Alliance for YA Registration.



A comprehensive book list will be provided to you upon acceptance into the program, with recommendations on where to purchase your books. While the cost of these books is not included in the program fee, the expectation is that you are building a library for your continued use. You may find these books to become invaluable not only in your personal practice, but also in your teaching. Also, depending on what books you already own, can borrow or share, your cost may vary. A course binder is included.



The program will include steady and strong asana, meditation and pranayama practices each time we meet. It is highly recommended that you understand your limitations, both physically, mentally and emotionally and work to develop your own practice. If you do have any specific health concerns, please be clear on the application and seek your doctor’s advice and release prior to enrolling in the course. A yoga teacher training course can be demanding on all levels, consider the present state of mind, body and emotion before you enter into this program and do so with wisdom.



If you have any questions, please email or call me directly (denise@divinelightyoga.com or (410)570-2878) prior to completing the application. When we are satisfied you can meet the requirements and we have met to discuss your desire to apply, please submit the application in a sealed envelope with your non-refundable $500 deposit payable to Divine Light Yoga, LLC, which is applied against your full tuition payment.  Please select one of the Payment Options and sign the Waiver.



Deposits are non refundable once your application has been accepted. Tuition minus the nonrefundable deposit is fully refundable up to 14 days prior to the beginning of the teacher training program. Once the program begins and after the first YTT weekend, tuition including the nonrefundable deposit is nonrefundable, and you are liable for the entire tuition to be paid in full, except in extreme cases of unprecedented or unforeseen circumstances. A wait list of students will be held up to the beginning of the course.



Throughout the program we will work together in an intimate classroom setting to insure that you fully comprehend what is being taught. Our intention is to be clear, uplifting and fully supportive of your learning, personal growth and future teaching abilities. Empowering you to be comfortable, relaxed and competent in the teaching environment is important as well as awakening in you that divine spark of bhaava, love for yourself and others, in sharing the transformational and healing powers of Yoga.

Each step of the way, throughout the course, you will learn techniques for teaching, how to hold the Seat of the Teacher, and how to create and maintain a personal Sadhana.  You will experience personal growth and transformation. You will know your strengths and challenges and together we will work to draw out your best in our supportive classroom environment.