Dhanvantari Ayurveda

I honor the place in you
the entire universe resides,
I honor the place in you
of love,
of light,
of peace,
I honor the place within you
if you are in that place in you,
And I am in that place in me,
There is only one of us.

Divine Light from Within—Tapping the Source

Within each of us is the same potential for happiness, well-being and joy as well as sadness, exasperation, and depression. Yes, we do have a unique mind body dynamic and each of us has experienced a unique lifespan, however, we do possess a deeper radiance that we can learn to tap into, regardless of our outside circumstances or what we have “gone through” in our lives.

We all have a story, and for many this story has become “who we are” rather than, our story. A loving yet disciplined approach can release that story doctrine and free you to be who you really are~a radiant being of light.

Yoga meaning:

To yoke, to draw together, as in to weave” is a lifestyle practice that you can take into yourself, interpret as you will, practice as you will, live as you will and change and grow, as you will. There is no dogma nor doctrine although there are precepts that help to guide us, just as a light post will light the way, these precepts allow you to develop your own way.

Shared common values of

  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Kindness and Tolerance
  • Honesty and
  • Humor

    Empower us to develop a calm, steady and strong foundation. From this platform, we can experience greater joy, deeper peace, a resoluteness when challenges come and most of all, feel gratitude for all situations, seeing them as opportunities rather than hardships.

Patanjali was a 2nd century sage, known for compiling the Yoga Sutras. Essentially organizing the ancient yogic teachings and codifying many of the ideas that were only understood by the Brahmin classes. Today, we practice these teachings and may use them as a basis for a yogic lifestyle.

The Ashtanga or 8 limbed path provides a positive framework for living:

Asana: these are the physical poses you may learn in class and can practice at home, each asana is designed to create a physical and energetic integration/release for the body/mind complex. The breath is incorporated as an integral part of these movements.

Pranayama: this refers to the specific breathing techniques (see Breathe) that open and awaken the dormant energy within the body/mind complex

Yamas: conscious restraints we utilize to live within society with grace:Ahimsa, bringing no harm, Satya, truthfulness, Astaya, not holding or possessing what is not ours and giving credit where due, Aparigraha, non hoarding or giving freely, and Bramacharya, containing our potency with grace and self awareness.

Niyamas: conscious restraints we utilize for our personal Self: Sauca, cleanliness of body/mind, Santosa, contentment or acceptance without resistance, Tapas, self discipline, Svadhyaya, Self (self) study, observation and witnessing our thoughts, words and deeds, and Isvarapranidhana, devotion to that which is greater than us or cultivating our gratitude.

Pratyahara: the effort and practice of drawing our attention inward, away from the exterior demand of the 5 senses

Dhrana: from the place of Pratyahara, once the senses are quiet, focusing that attention to a single point like a laser beam without distraction

Dhyanana: Meditation (concentration) moves from the object to the becoming of one with it, the separation disappears and the union exists

Samadhi: the end state of Meditation, Bliss, Ananda, where we Realize who we are, even if only for a moment.

Self-control at first produces unhappiness because of the separation from the pleasure-yeilding senses. After self-control ripens, however, the soul begins to experience finer, happier perceptions and to enjoy itself far more than when it lived identified with the sense-pleasures. The devotee, suffering from fear of the feeling of emptiness, must realize that renunciation is not an end in itself. Rather, it is a means to an end, and teaches one to shift the attention from lesser sense-pleasures to deeper soul pleasures.
— From "How to be Happy all the Time" by Paramhansa Yogananda


Yoga is an extraordinary path to Self realization, to awakening the dormant infinite energy that is contained within each of us, and it is an honest, simple and practical science and art that anyone can learn and do that will lead you through the invisible door of your heart into your Soul’s home. Yoga is not a religion yet it does bring us closer to a spiritual experience within ourselves. The physical practice of asana (postures) and pranayama (control of the breath) are usually where most begin. The gradual understanding of the breath and its relationship to the mind reveal the subtle and intricate connections to the heart and soul, and create a deep and penetrating unbreakable bond with our Selves. Over time, with devotion and the gradual shifts in awareness, a yogi usually begins to take better care of their body, mind and Soul/heart and may begin to live a life of purpose, love and service.

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga
is a divine fusion of the classical asanas sequenced for maximum benefit with breath awareness and the teaching of “sithera sukkha”, meaning “emphasis on ease in the effort. Each class begins with a thematic approach to direct your attention and encourage you to stay present to the changes in the body/mind connection. Music and an upbeat, encouraging atmosphere make the entire experience one of learning while going deep into the physical and mental bodies. Asana (posture) work prepares you for the exploration of the patterns, beliefs and ideas that block our natural radiance, thus, relaxation is an integral part of each class, whereby you naturally relax and refresh the mind to allow for alternate perspectives. This is not a power yoga but a yoga that brings you your natural connection to the divine power that is within you already.

Kundalini Yoga
is an inclusive and spiritual form, called the “Yoga of Awareness” and can release your most creative levels of consciousness bringing you increased energy, vitality, health and well-being. An ancient, sacred science, Kundalini Yoga is incomparable to other forms and works directly to stimulate and revitalize your immune, nervous, and glandular systems while helping to rid the body of toxins and negative emotions. It is a safe, effective and powerful technology taught in the tradition brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan. All levels are welcome in all classes, you work towards your potential, which grows with each moment. Exquisite music, movements ranging from gentle to vibrant, the strengthening of muscles and lengthening of the tissues, meditations that impact and promote svadyaya, self study, and most of all, the deeply healing and relaxing vibrations of the 28″ brass Gong, combine to help melt any lingering tensions in the mind and body, thus releasing a loving connection to heart and Soul.

When we relinquish selfishness as our motivating principle, the potential for true happiness opens up. From compassion toward others you realize happiness for yourself. Through service to all beings you will experience the bliss of the end of suffering for yourself.
— David Life and Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti