I've been told, that Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra can be the "hardest class" some have ever taken.  Why? Because you are allowed to totally relax, and for many, the jumping racing mind, twitchy body and depletion is overwhelming.  So, it seems to me, then it is exactly what you must do, you need to do and you will reap the most benefits.  

Who needs this? Why not go sweat it out in a strong vinyasa flow class or run a few miles or lift some weights? By all means, do it all.  This is not an either or, this is the juice, the rasa of your week!  This is the time when you have permission to release, heal and rejuvenate your entire nervous system!

Here is what Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra will reharmonize:

Anxious, nervous, worried, fearful minds

Stressed out, wrung out, depleted, overwhelmed and low energy bodies

Angry, frustrated, irritated, short tempered, impatient and quick to judge behaviors

Depleted or stressed Kidneys and Adrenals

Insomnia, wakeful sleep, hard to fall asleep nights

Attention deficit, inability to focus and organize, scattered thinking experiences

Impaired digestion, over and underweight, and the myriad of digestive disorders from wrong food choices

This list is not even half way there!  The benefits are profound, and the good news is, they keep on giving after you leave class, week to week they build on the previous experience.  I personally feel that this form of practice is one of the greatest ways we can experience true self love, and from our full cups, we overflow and can give without resentment, depletion or deception.

Join me, Wednesday nights:  Santa Cruz Yoga, Ingalls Street, Westside, Santa Cruz, 7:30 pm