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NEW::My first video::Anxiety Relief


NEW::My first video::Anxiety Relief

Sat Nam dearest divine loves,

I have finally embarked on something I wanted to do for a long time for you.  My first video


is ready.  Along with the video here are some incredible tips for helping to release, relieve and HEAL that dreaded anxiety/panic attack that plague so many.  

3 Big Tips:

1.  Do this breathing technique every day for at least 40 days, make it a habit and change your brain.

2.  Eat warm cooked food, eliminate cold drinks and food and keep a fairly regular schedule for 40 days.

3.  Oil your skin daily BEFORE your shower, then rinse. This will actually reduce that feeling of anxiousness and help with the breathing and calming the mind.  

Enjoy, please subscribe to my new Youtube Channel and get more of these super helpful snippets soon.