“I have been preparing for this moment my whole life,” I realized during my first yoga experience. Following Savasana, the shift inside of me was palpable, the light was now very bright. A very clear understanding, without words, was obvious.  This was my path.

My conscious spiritual journey began at 15 with a near death experience and memories of deeper experiences with sacred beings. Since then, through many years of trying on several “ways of living” including career, marriage, children, travel and a blessed life albeit filled with the many challenges most of us face, I was keenly aware that behind all of that, something deeper pulled at me.

Yoga means to yoke or create union, and that union is the experience of realization of our True Nature, that we are not separate from that which is. Practicing, meditating, chanting and opening a fearful heart has revealed that union to me. I feel it is not enough to practice yoga but to live yoga, in every thought, word and deed. Observing a discrepancy between me “on the mat” and me “off the mat”, and to root out that division, reveals an ego projection and allows me to weave that separation back into my heart through a daily spiritual practice, Sadhana. Regular practice is a gradual process that allows for realizations that reveal the inner judge. Allowing a deeper voice to guide, and to trust my heart, exposed the thinking mind.

Completing 200 HR and 500 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings and Level I (200 HR) and Level II (300 HR) Kundalini Yoga courses provided astounding clarity and trust in living an authentic life. My spiritual name, Kirpal, means “merciful and compassionate one”, and it reminds me we are all in this together. I am simply grateful for every experience I have, every day, and each being I meet.

Completing the Ayurvedic Practitioner's Certification from Mt. Madonna in 2014 led me into exploring the Master’s program there from 2017 - 2018. Currently I am completing over 1000 hours for Certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists, from the Soul of Yoga in San Diego. Currently this work is awakening new understandings in all avenues of my practice and teaching. Graduation is anticipated by December 2019.

The real teacher is the Divine, Life and our experiences.

Thank you for the priviledge of a life time, to sit before you and share these eternal teachings. I welcome you to the journey that never ends — that simply is all there is.
— Denise

Education, training and certifications

  • 19 years of continuous study and teaching,

  • Level I and II of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (with Darshan Kaur in Sterling, VA and Deva Kaur and Kirn Kaur in Coral Springs, FL)

  • E-RYT 500 in Hatha Yoga (with Golden Heart Yoga, Annapolis, MD)

  • B.A, in Economics and Behavioral Sociology from Salem College, NC

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant from Sai Ayurvedic College, Miami, FL (2011-12)

  • Mt. Madonna College of Ayurveda, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mt. Madonna, CA (2014)

  • Masters in Ayurveda, partial work

  • Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist

  • On going Ayurvedic Pancha Karma and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Villa Ananda, Mexico, In Residence

  • Currently working towards Certification in Yoga Therapy, Soul of Yoga, San Diego, CA (Completion 2020)

Earlier and ongoing study includes advanced workshops and intensives with:

Jivamukti Yoga, Integral Yoga, The Yoga Institute of Miami (Iyanger Yoga Teacher Training course, 2001), Unity Woods Iyengar Yoga (Apprenticeship 2001), and ongoing workshops with Gurmukh, Shiva Rea, Angela Farmer, Barbara Benaugh, Natasha Rizapoulos, Johnny Kest, Parmath Nikitan Ashram, Rishikish, India and Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstices (2004-2011) as well as the incredible and inspiring doctors and consultants at Sai Ayurvedic College in Miami, Florida and Mt. Madonna College of Ayurveda. Advanced Immersion Weeklong Intensive with White Lotus Foundation, Ganga White and Tracey Rich, Summer 2015, Weeklong Pulse Workshops, Dr. Vasant Lad, 2015 and 2018, in Residence Pancha Karma and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Villa Ananda Ayurvedic Retreat Center, Mexico (2018 on going) and current studies with Soul of Yoga including Nischala Joy Devi (Yoga of the Heart and Advanced Chakra Studies), Richard Miller (iRest), studies in Pregnancy yoga, yoga for Aging, meditation, Yoga for Grief, advanced studies in the Bhagavad Gita and Pranayama.


Classes with Denise are nurturing to your body, mind and spirit. She creates an inclusive environment where all levels feel welcomed and capable as well as loved and skillfully tended to. Her ability to zero in on subtle enhancements, areas of blockage and languaging the poses provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience. And she has a warm sense of humor and humility.

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