Samasati, Costa Rica 2007:

Thank you for inspiring, planning and organizing this wonderful trip that goes on my list of great experiences. Words are too inadequate to describe how I feel, but you know you are in my heart with lots of love and gratitude
Well planned and presented, thank you Denise, you are a loving being and I appreciate your integrity and devotion to yoga.
I enjoyed this whole week immensely. It was a particular pleasure to practice with you, you have a lovely spirit and are a beautiful person both inside and out. Loved the chants and especially the gong.
I enjoyed being introduced to Kundalini Yoga…a wonderful teacher, so much enthusiasm, love and energy. Your openness and sharing contributed so much.
Thanks for a truly wonderful week, the planning, efforts and energy were so apparent. Way beyond anyone’s expectations. It was a truly magical experience, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you did to make it so.
The peacefulness and serentiy of the area lent itself to a wonderful experience of nature and yoga mix. Lucy and the staff could not have done more to ensure our satisfaction. I would sign up again in a heartbeat, highly recommend it to others. In fact, trying to think how I can get some of my friends/sisters into yoga. Group size was perfect and for the bonds created. And, without a doubt Denise, you are knowledgeable and comfortable in the various schools of yoga. The Kundalini was quite an eye opening experience.
Couldn’t have asked for more, blown away by the partnering exercise and the trust it engendered.
Your presence and intentionality brought together such an interesting and loving group of people. It was wonderful getting to experience being around so many light-filled people and in such a nurturing and restoring environment.
I really enjoyed my week on the retreat. Yes, the cost was equitable and I would recommend it to others. This was the first “group” trip I ever took part in and because of the schedule, found I had to carve out free time for myself. This wasn’t a problem, but sometimes I felt I was missing out on things I would have liked to take part in. Yet overall Denise, I am so grateful to have been part of this, grateful to you for orchestrating it and bringin magic and spice to our experience. Your retreat was a blessing. I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired.

Machu Picchu, Peru 2007:

I went with a very limited knowledge of yoga and no experience. I found it to be energizing and it made me feel strong in spirit. I felt comfortable because there were others who were new to it as well, so I wasn’t self conscious. I was also happy to learn that what we did wasn’t going to be over taxing physically. In other words, I could keep up with the regular practitioners.
— K.Z.
The Peru experience was a holistic one, not just a vacation. The teachings, the yoga practice, the location, the people, even the food all had a spiritual component, it was exactly what I was looking for.
I was relatively new to Kundalini but experienced in Yoga in general.I very much enjoyed all the yoga classes and found Kundalini to be a very powerful mental yoga. Â I got to the core of some things going on with me. I am grateful for that!
— B.C.
The open minds and open hearts of our leaders (Denise and Lynn) safely enabled us to be as spiritually and emotionally courageous as we desired.
— B.C.
Yoga was a plus and should definitely be included in future trips. Denise did a wonderful job and her commitment to her role in the group as well as to her practice is evident.
— D.B.F.


Tulum, Mexico 2008:

The teaching was fabulous and inspiring and the variety of yoga an fitness was great. Overall an excellent experience, worth it totally.
— Shelly, Maryland
Excellent yoga, loved the mixture of styles, gave me strength.
— Bruni, Canada
Exceeded my expectations, great yoga and variety, would do it again!
— Mary, Maryland
Thanks for all the very hard work and love you put into this! It was amazing!
— Marian, Maryland

Lake Sumaya, Guatemala 2011:

You gave a great balance between being tough and gentle, serious and fun. I would love for your to be my teacher. Location was magical, great for spiritual development,beautiful experience!
— R
The yoga and meditation provided a beautiful opportunity to not only deepen the yoga practice but to reach beautifully spiritual aspects and go deeper within myself…I’m in for the next one already.
— N. S.
I appreciate the effort and care that went into planning the program. Thank you!! I very much liked the combining of vinyasa, hatha and kundalini. Your enthusiasm, humor, flexibility and generosity of time and expertise are greatly appreciated. I would have liked some silent meditation, but that is a small and personal preference. Overall, it exceeded my expectations.
— J
Wow, I’m not even sure where to begin. You know, I knew there was something special about you and the retreat when I first saw the listing on the Villa Sumaya site, and I love how it was able to resonate with me through the internet!! I think you have ruined all other future retreats for me…that is of course until the next one with you! I learned so much from watching you teach and interact with everyone. It was beautiful to see the ease and grace, joy and fun, that you brought to every class. I was so in the moment that I didn’t take notes, but I feel that I have absorbed in my being a little bit of Denise that I can take to my own classes. I’m so happy too, to have been introduced to Kundalini yoga. I find myself chanting and I want to learn more. You have kick-started my yoga journey again!! I am overflowing with gratitude and now I’m starting to tear up, so I’ll say thanks once again and leave it at that.
— T.C.
I am overcome with gratitude to have been with you and the gang in such a beautiful place. I also really, really appreciate all the work you put into the courses, it made for a magical experience. I haven’t had that much fun (and laughter) for a long time!!
— P.C.

Ahki, Costa Rica 2013:

Denise, you do a great job. You are so knowledgeable about yoga without being dogmatic and you make it so much fun. Plus, you are super organized and a clear communicator. That is so refreshing! My third time with you, thank you!
— TC, Panama
I think your approach is great, to push those who were more advanced and educate those who were newer to yoga. You made all levels of experience feel comfortable. I have highly recommended you to my more inquisitive friends.
— Ellen, Wisconsin
It was great to have one two hour class of each type of yoga (hatha and kundalini) each day. I honestly loved the balance of practice and theory just as it was. It was very generous for you to share your sadhana with us on the last morning, participating inspired me a lot and I will reflect often on that special morning. I am already saving for your next retreat!
— Barbara, Calgary, Canada

Villa Ananda, Mexico 2014:

Thank you so very much for this truly healing, rejuvenating and invigorating retreat. At the core of course was the yoga and your teaching; but, everything else played a supporting role, The Villa, the staff, the food, the ocean,…I know it takes a lot of planning and effort, thought and care to make it all come together. Such a diverse group..and, yet I felt everyone truly benefited and enjoyed the retreat. And, all this with such grace & ease. I think you may have some magical powers!
You touched my heart, opened it up and inspired me so much this week. Thank you for creating this amazing gathering.
Denise, you did a fantastic job organizing a beautiful week. I say let’s do it again, same time next year.

Villa Ananda, Mexico 2015:

I loved the location, Villa Ananda. Having fallen off of my yoga practice in the last 18 months, I found the yoga perfectly gentle and restorative. Loved the variety, the days flowed gently, never felt rushed. Perfect balance of group and private time. I would definitely consider another retreat with DLY!
— Alexandra G., Mexico City
Denise, you are such a bright light in this world. I really enjoyed being your student and guided deeper into myself this week. Thank you for all you have done for me, you are unforgettable, hope to see you soon. Villa Ananda was pure bliss! I would love another retreat with you, Machu Picchu? Montana?
— James D, Ashland, Oregon
I felt totally supported and nourished in my body mind and soul. Denise, you lead with poise, grace and love. Thank you!! And the food was even better than last year!
— Donna K, Connecticut
I loved it all, loved the last class, please move to Chicago.
— Theresa M, Panama

Ahki, Costa Rica 2016: