Why choose Divine Light Yoga?

Within you is that Divine Light that desires to be fully shining. Rooted in compassion and heartfelt understanding, Denise Kirpal knows these practices give us a way, a place and a means to uncover that inner light, that inner balance to live fully and wholly, in exactly the way each of us are meant to live. Accepting each of us as we are, beginning where we are, seeing the Light in all, come experience and learn how to create and maintain balance, peace and more love in your life. Choose from a myriad of ways to begin to heal and balance with classes, yoga teacher training, ayurveda or a private holistic yoga session.

Denise's classes are functional alignment based slow flowing vinyasa based in the Krishnamacharya lineage, that the yoga must be fit to the individual. An abundance of compassionate cues, keen observations from over 19 years on the mat, humor and vibrant encouragement make each class a unique and uplifting experience. 

Yoga Therapy is a viable and sustainable means of healing and restoring our vibrancy and well being using breath, movement, mantra, mind and meditation connecting to Heart and Soul. From physical injuries, mental and psychological stresses and traumas, to spiritual and emotional upheavals, yoga as a therapy works and is now being utilized across all spectrums, from cancer recovery therapies to PTSD. The combination of yoga and ayurveda are a superb companion for your healing modalities. Contact Denise for a private Yoga Therapy session or just to inquire if you will benefit from this healing modality.


It is my opinion that no one I have met to date conducts such a wonderful mix of yoga practice that encompasses the stretching practical work out for each muscle and internal organ in addition to the spirituality conveyed by you and certainly felt by this student. It is my privilege.
— DV Annapolis MD

Weekly Classes/Workshops 

All Levels Slow Vinyasa Flow
with Functional Breath and
Alignment Cues

12 Noon – 1:00 pm
Santa Cruz Yoga, Westside

Candlelight Yin & Restorative Yoga with Gong Relaxation

7:30 – 8:30PM

7:30 - 8:45PM
Santa Cruz Yoga, Westside

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions & Continuing Education Hours

If you have ever wondered how to enrich your personal practice, how to begin a daily at home practice or are dealing with any health or well being issues that you feel Yoga can aid you in, this is where a private session is a great option. Full hour or hour and half sessions are available.  If you are a yoga teacher looking to increase your personal teaching skills with CEU'S, I offer private sessions with credit towards YA credentialing. Sliding scale options for low or limited income and full time students.

Last night’s half hour gong meditation was mind blowing. I have no idea where I disappeared before the high gong snapped me back into my body! Endless gratitude for holding the door open to this world wide open!
— MH, Annapolis