What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a transformative and healing application of yogic tools to address your physical, mental and emotional needs to restore holistic harmony in body, mind and spirit.  In Yoga Therapy we move beyond what shows up in a yoga class and individually assess your specific needs and aid you in transforming your current conditioning into beneficial practices.  

We use asanas (physical body postures), pranayamas (specified breathing techniques), mental exercises (awareness, concentration and directed focus) and lifestyle practices to nurture and nourish a balanced way of living and being. 

Yoga therapy is a specific process employed by a highly trained and certified yoga therapist.  As much as all yoga is therapeutic in its application, yoga therapy refines and defines the tools for an individualized protocol.

Some of the major situations Yoga Therapy may address include:

  • Well Being: transforming suffering and feelings of lack or general discontent into a strong and deep seated sense of self directed sovereignty is a powerful way to reach your fullest potential. 

  • Changing Habits/Addictions: awareness and visualization practices recognize that the brain is neuroplastic and the mind reflects the inner beliefs. Awareness is the first step to making changes and restoring balance.

  • Pregnancy, postpartum and parenting: natural life processes need support and today’s world where we are living separated and often in isolation can create feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Yoga therapy can provide personal tools for restore balance and more joyful connections for mother, father and baby.  

  • Chronic pain and the accompanying issues from medications

  • Mental health: promoting general emotional balance and mood regulation, relief for anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia and PTSD

  • Illness support for those experiencing short and long term conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and for those caregivers.

  • Neurological conditions like MS, Parkinson’s, Traumatic brain injury or strokes can be affected by the individual’s relationship to the illness and the condition with which they live with these practices.

  • Stress and Lifestyle: increased awareness around our choices, behaviors and actions result in an increased feeling of more control over our lives and result in a more balanced and joyful life.

How does it work?

A yoga class may address everyday aches or tightness, some mood complaints and feelings of disharmony.  In yoga therapy, an individualized course of action is completely dictated by your needs to optimize well-being, address your specific goals while considering your abilities.  Each session is based on your current situation with regard to your overall long term healing and rebalancing agenda.  You will work hand in hand with me, and together we will set forth a plan to address your needs, while adjusting along the way to the changes that come with natural fluctuations in seasons, health, and lifestyle.  Each session will last for one hour or one and a half hours, and you will depart with a clear understanding of your at home practice to do.  This at home practice is where the transformation comes, and each time we meet, we will review and assess how you are in regard to our goals and agenda.  

In Yoga Therapy, I will support you in connecting to your inner wisdom, where it may be clouded or blocked, and provide you with the ways and means to feel a sense of wholeness, dignity and divinity within your assets and challenges.  I will see you as a whole being, physically, emotionally and mentally, regardless of any conditions that exist.  I will focus on seeing you as the microcosm of your world and help to elevate your understanding of Self and relationship to that.

Is it Safe and do I need to already know how to “do” yoga?

As an already practicing Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist and yoga teacher with over 18 years on the mat, I am trained and continue to train in these techniques, and I practice them myself.  I know how to keep you safe and strive to provide a relaxing, nurturing and welcoming environment.  Whether you already practice yoga or are brand new, these techniques are completely adaptable to your individual needs.  As Krishnamacharya, one of our wisest and most beloved yoga teachers of this past century taught, “Fit the yoga to the person, not the person to the yoga.”  He was a leader in forging this path to individualized therapeutic application of these powerful tools.  

When is a good time to start?

Any time and all the time.  Often we come to yoga therapy when we are either injured, out of balance or realizing that something is off.  What is incredible about yoga therapy is that any condition or situation we find ourselves in, whether it is from a structural injury, surgery, disease, mental or emotional imbalance or even a spiritual crisis, yoga therapy will help to restore our natural balance.  In Ayurveda, the Science of life (an ancient practice to restore health and well being from India), we view each being as a microcosm of the macrocosm.  What we witness outside of us will be reflected within.  Every day we change, just like the weather and seasons, especially relating to our geography, work and stress load.  As a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, I utilize the art and science of Ayurveda along with Yoga therapy in some sessions, depending on your needs.  

The imbalance will dictate the protocol, your desires and goals will form the plan and together we will set forth to help you find your way Home again, to the home that lives naturally within, when your head, heart and true Self merge.  This is not a fantastical idealistic dream, but a true reality available to each of us.  

Are you curious about Yoga therapy and how it might benefit you?

Fees:  I realize that yoga therapy is often an adjunct to your health regime. Thus, I offer a sliding scale for full time students and those living on a true fixed income.  Please let me know prior to our session if this is your need and we will adjust.

Initial Session 1.5 hours:  

Secondary and Follow up sessions:  
1 hour $95.00 / 1.5 hours $118.00

Depending on your needs we may meet as often as you desire or as little as every few months.  

If you are curious about Yoga therapy and how it might benefit you, click on the Inquiry button and shoot me an email with your questions, I am happy to answer them.  If you prefer a phone conversation, email me and we will set up a time to talk.  And if you are ready to embark on your personalized healing journey to radiance and well-being, click on the Confidential Intake Form, fill it out and I will respond to you once I receive it.  We will schedule a time for meet and begin this journey.

My studio in in Bonny Doon, California, about 15 minutes out of the West side of Santa Cruz, in a gorgeous natural habitat.  My sunny and light filled studio provides a welcome respite from any distractions and allows you to feel safe and comfortable.