Since 2008, Divine Light Yoga Teacher Training has graduated the highest quality teachers with a sincere desire and focus on sharing sacred authentic teachings based in the richest format. Denise chooses to consciously hold the definition for a rigorously spiritual, authentically academic and precisely physically integrated program. Deep personal awakening to your highest and pure Nature is developed, honed and enriched throughout the 7 month 200 HR Foundations Course. During the 8 month 300/500 HR Advanced Course, we intend to deepen and enrich the basic knowledge of a 200 HR teacher and intensify the overall learning, physical and spiritual experience. If you have already completed a 200 HR Yoga Alliance approved program you are welcome to begin at the 300 HR Advanced Level to complete your 500 HR certification.

Sadhana, a personal spiritual practice, is cultivated and becomes each student’s unique platform for teaching. There is no “Divine Light Yoga” way to teach; rather highlighting your personal scope and devotion is where the work goes. Removing the veils that hide the inner light, peeling back the layers of the personality that block radiance and authenticity and polishing the Truth that pervades the being —this is what we do. And we do it very well. Each new teacher leads from a place of calm inner confidence, based in a deep knowing that can only come when we reach inside and do the work, over time, integrated and with practice. This is what makes this program strong, timeless and worthwhile.

Whether you wish to teach yoga is secondary to the work of becoming REAL
and that is what this course really is about.
Once your true light is shining,
teaching yoga,
inspiring others and

living a life of purpose happens naturally. 

200 HOUR


The Divine Light Yoga 200 Hour  Program will provide you with a deeply integrated and personally transformative experience. This course is intimately woven around the sacred 8 Limbed path (known as a Raj Yoga), meaning the Royal path that brings us to the Divine and includes: Asana, Pranayama, Yamas, Niyamas, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadi. The great Indian sage Patanjali codified the Yoga Sutras, which gave a beneficial understanding of how a “householder” could develop within himself or herself, that Inner Light and live a deeply meaningful, richly spiritual and healthy life. We weave the course curriculum around the Sacred Yogic Texts including the Yoga Sutras, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Bhagavad Gita as well as incorporating teachings from many of the most influential teachers of this century. 

The entire course will encompass these critical components, while teaching over 66 of the classical Hatha asanas: 

  • The Roots of Yoga
  • The Classical Asanas
  • Western Anatomy and Physiology
  • Eastern Anatomy and the Energy Body
  • Meditation
  • Mantra and Mudra
  • The Seat of the Teacher & The Business of Yoga

Becoming a teacher, especially of Yoga, is one of the most expressive ways of developing your authentic Self. Recent graduates say that this course has awakened in them newfound patience, determination and fortitude. Their personal commitment to a daily Spiritual practice called Sadhana has opened their hearts and empowered them to develop and refine their ability to share the teachings with grace, wisdom and joyful intent.

Our intention is to help you first become Self illumined and to express your own Divine Light, your divinity and to realize that from your own self awareness and grace you can help others to find theirs. We are the guide and our living example of embodying the wisdom of the yogic lifestyle encourages our students to become their own guru and be their own light. This style of teacher training requires serious students devoted to their personal growth. A minimum one year practice and a foundation in asana, pranayama and meditation is helpful but not required. This program is sanctioned by Yoga Alliance and all classroom hours meet the requirements for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program.




What does it mean to partake in an advanced yoga teacher training? What qualifies as advanced? These are important questions and a great place to start.

After teaching and practicing yoga for nearly two decades, I bow even deeper to my teachers and acknowledge the intensity of offering an advanced course. Advanced implies that there is already a strong foundation—that the initial learning of a subject at the basic level has been tended to. Now the student/teacher desires to go deeper to intensify their knowledge base, their personal understanding and ability to deliver as well as to become more still, quiet and integrated into the intimately personal experience of Yoga. This is the uniting of all aspects of Self: body, mind and Soul. The Sankalpa, the direction and devotion of this course is the peeling back of more layers, the heightening of spiritual experiences, the further realization of Self and the brightening of our Inner Light.

After over two years of development, this course unfolds in  an intimate container, where we have the opportunity to integrate and concatenate deeper teachings and experiences in order to evince competency, sagacity and acumen.

Each weekend provides the opportunity to unite, embrace and support each other on this sacred journey. Mentoring begins on day one, as each of us already brings to the table personal experience, not limited to our classroom time, but from life and all the roles we play. A round table format, where rich discussions, hands on work and meditative and contemplative sessions lead to practical, ethereal and mystical experiences to evoke wisdom from not only this lifetime, but the many we have all led. We will utilize our natural environment for cooking, eating, practicing, teaching, hiking, meditating and rejuvenating our deepest knowingness and connection to Self.

Deepening our Spiritual Maturity, drawing on the Feminine Divine, the Four seasons relating to our personal journey and Ayurveda, the body’s wisdom and Tantra, we experience the deep quiet and stillness that allows an advancing of our wisdom and knowledge.

Conjuring essential wisdom, spirit and strength your understanding, interpretation and expectations for a more advanced practice move into a place of reality that meet today’s needs. Competency refers to having sufficient skill or knowledge and within knowledge is power and we use this power with courage and grace to see within ourselves more clearly. Sagacity refers to acuteness of mental discernment and we use this awareness to embody a full yogic lifestyle and right livelihood with consciousness around daily choices. Acumen refers to keen insight and we use this to provide a harmonious synthesis of the many aspects of embodying this practice, teaching and lifestyle.

Graduates of the 200 hour Divine Light Teacher training or another qualified 200 hour program are welcome to apply. These 300 additional hours of advanced instruction combine with your existing 200 hours to grant an advanced 500 hour, Yoga Alliance sanctioned registration and certification from Divine Light Yoga.