I just really enjoyed this course so much. I appreciate the broad spectrum of yoga that was covered, with all of the history and background, the Veda’s, the study of Ayurveda and the Gunas and Doshas. The eight limbs of yoga and the different teachers with their differences gave great coverage on the asanas and how to word people through poses. I truly feel I have a good grasp on Yoga and what it really is including how to teach like you live. This course has been so powerful and truly life changing on all levels, including my relationships with friends and family and my relationship to myself and my body. Sat Nam!
— Damian Gallagher, Yoga Teacher, Divinitree, Santa Barbara, CA

Coming into this course, I expected to learn a lot and grow deeply, but I never could have hoped for as much as I got from it. It honestly changed my life, in ways that will be with me forever. I think that if this course was the only education a person ever got, it would be enough. Everything we need is here. I feel like I have the secret key to any door I’ll ever need to open. I just wish the key wasn’t a secret, I want everyone to have this knowing. I can’t imagine going through this experience with any other teacher or in any other format. The extended program was essential in order to integrate the leaning, then come and and share. I feel such joy and peace every day and I want everyone to be abel to access their own inner light, as I’ve learned to. Namaste.
— Angela Bohl, Santa Barbara, CA

This exceptional course goes deep into all facets of yoga. From philosophy to anatomy I have learned what yoga truly is and how to live a yogic lifestyle. I have gained skills in relaxation, breath control, and public speaking. This course has been woven into my life and I feel confident in my practice and my teaching. I will always be a student but now I know what if means to hold the seat of the teacher. Words cannot do this program justice because it is an experience to be felt. Denise has exceptional knowledge. She is as educated as my college professors and as nurturing as my mother. I highly recommend her training program for anyone interested in learning about yoga. Thank you!
— Grace Esslinger, Santa Barbara, CA

This course has been a beautiful, nourishing and life enhancing experience for me. It is so rich, thorough, thoughtful and heartfelt. I has challenged my edges spiritual, emotionally and physically, and carried me to a new depth of connection and understanding of myself, my practice and the Divine. As a teacher, Denise is wise, knowledgeable, skillful and trustworthy and loving. She inspires me as a woman and as a yogi in the way that she embodies the teachings and so gracefully shares them with the world. I am grateful for her presence, attention to detail, her integrity, intelligence and most oil her authentic love and care for each student. I highly recommend this training for anyone looking to improve their quality of life, whither they intend to teach yoga or not. This course is training for a peaceful, healthy and harmonious life.
— Natalie Diane, Trainer/Coach and Co-Founder/Owner Temple Santa Barbara, CA

I will say that my favorite or most important part overall is learning so much about myself, seeing my shadows and understanding how to overcome them. I went into this training with the intention to study asanas and a learn how to create a yogic lifestyle for myself. I never expected to experience such an amazing, life changing transformation.
— Jessica McRee, Yoga Teacher, Divinitree, Santa Barbara, CA

I thank you Denise for the amazing amount of effort you have put into this program and most importantly how fired up about you are about what it is you do as a teacher and healer. I am so grateful to have you be apart of this very formative time of my spiritual growth.
— Christyna Campbell, Santa Cruz, CA, teaching in Santa Cruz

I loved all aspects of the teacher training, I really loved the way the three teachers traded off, it was great getting the various perspectives on things. Of course opening circle was awesome. One of the strongest aspects of the teacher training was the way it was defined and the impeccable strength with which you, Denise, held that definition, through thick and thin you held that definition and that is the very reason the training is so effective. Thank you for your incredible wisdom and strength, I stand in awe of who and what you are.
— Bill Duran, Santa Cruz, CA

This teacher training far exceeded my expectations! I was hoping to gain a stronger body, mind and practice. I fortunately have received all that and more. I feel this training has been an angel hugging my soul. I have discovered so much about my self and my capabilities. I am happy to know the importance of the asanas and the anatomy. I loved learning about mantras, mudras and meditation and am I am happy to have incorporated this into my daily life. I know that daily yoga practice and meditation will benefit my life and those closest to me.
— Amber Cliett, SUP Yoga Teacher, SUP Yoga Californaia, Santa Barbara

Thank you so much for helping me start my sadhana. You gave me a very powerful gift! It has become the most important and special part of my life because it is where I remember my truth! I am practicing remembering every day, and this remembrance is where the transformation is really taking place. Every day when I wake up I look forward to slowing down time and practicing true mindfulness—watching the breath of every moment. It is here that I get to see the glimpses of the pure bright, golden love of my soul.

I am a river flowing

Beautiful and strong

Powerful with intention

Peacefully along.

Thank you deeply and powerfully from all of the light within me.
— Anya Grace, 2014, Santa Cruz, CA, yoga teacher Divinitree and Palo Alto

My favorite part of the Teacher Training was having to face my biggest fears and having to connect with a big group of people and talk in front of a group of people. I have really stepped in to my power and I am finding my voice. It has been a long, hard and painful journey, but I have learned so much about my self and how to deal with resistance. I have realized that the resistance coming up for me is my ego trying to control me. This training has been a giant leap out of my comfort zone and it has made me so much stronger and empowered. I am forever grateful for this experience.
— Ciara Parkman, 2014, Santa Cruz, CA

My favorite part of our YTT was the community that we created. I never could have expected such an inspirational and supportive gathering of peers and teachers, and couldn’t imagine finding a program ever again that approached the level of intimacy and disclosure that we created in our YTT. The love, acceptance and safety of our container made space for all of us to take risks, grow and expand as teachers, students, yogis, and emotional beings. Truly, the energy that we all created supported a transformational environment, no matter what physical space our training occupied on that particular weekend.
— Dave Solomon, 2014, teaching Divinitree, Santa Cruz, CA

 What is yoga?
Yoga is love, peace and striving to find our true self. We find grace in the way we handle ourselves in everyday situations. We become protected from pain and suffering because we believe in a creation higher than ourselves and we give up our control of why an how to the divine power, which is God. Yoga is meditation that allows us to watch the mind and observe our habits and the way we live our life. We gain knowledge and begin to see our true self.
— Andie Lichenstein, Owner Ridgely Retreat and teacher. Annapolis, MD

The part of the course I enjoyed most was learning about the Chakras, which came as a surprise. Knowing next to nothing about them, my impression was that they would be a bit too make-believe to someone like me who always has to see something to believe it. The way that we dove into each Chakra to really feel and open the energy center was incredible. There were some enormous self-realizations and shifts that can only happen when you look below the surface, meditate on those subjects, and further work with them through a creative outlet such as drawing our own versions of the symbols. Actually seeing the energy of the chakras through the motion of the pendulum and allowing myself to become immersed in the music pulled the experience together unforgettably.
— Leslie Cario, St. Michaels, MD

The most important aspect of teacher trainging for me is that I now have a better understanding of what Yoga is really about. I get it. I have not attained its ultimate goal of continuity with the Divine, but I am working on it and have my moments. Through this program I have come to understand Patajali’s eight steps, their importance and how they can help me on my life’s journey. I can now access a wealth of knowledge and tools with an understanding of them that can help guide me forward on my journey if I but choose to apply and commit to them.
— Deanne, St. Michaels, MD

There was nothing I did not like about the class. It was sometimes difficult for me to keep up physically with the asana part of things, but i know that will come in time and as I get more disciplined with my own daily practice. This class has been one of the pivotal changing points in my life and I am on a path to reduce the stress in my life, simplify it and have more time to do the things that give me the feeling that I am closer to my truth and God. Having more time to do the things that make me feel like I am one with the world and one with God is my goal. I am furhter along in having the consciousness now to start to identify what those things are. Before this class, I did not. I would call that extremely significant!
— Pat Brannigan, Annapolis, MD

Overall, my favorite part of the training is being in the presence of people who are interested in the same things as I am. I love the diversity of our class. It always feels real, and like we are studying THE most important things. I love how I feel at the end of a a weekend – tired but very grounded. I feel like I just spent three days reaquainting myself with my true self.
— Camilla Schwarz, L.Ac.,Annapolis, MD

It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the training has been- I’ve enjoyed it all. For me the class went from training to a journey of self discovery – never compromising any of the academics of the training. I found my Self, my connectedness and my inner strength. Your words of encouragement along the way gave me that extra push when I began to question myself- Thank you!
— Madi Summerlin, Edgewater, MD

ROCK ON! you are a master teacher and if you continue to put forth the effort you do, if you stay with your practice and your truth as you are, you will become a GREAT master teacher. I am so proud to have been a part of this journey with you as well as all the others in the class. I came away with so much more than I ever could have imagined. THANK YOU KIRPAL! May you have much success as you move into your next teacher training.
— Karen Munna, Owner and Co-Founder, Ahki Retreat Center, Costa Rica.